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Work Package 3

The main aims:

  • To implement existing (IT for US) and newly developed training materials with practising teachers in a variety of contexts and different formats
  • To use teachers’ responses to the training to expand ideas for implementation strategies.
  • To create a forum for generating evaluation feedback for Work Package 5.

Partners will organise a variety of teacher training courses and seminars:

  • Training courses for pre-service trainees
  • In-service training courses for practising teachers
  • Online – distance learning trials – including blended learning
  • Seminars for working groups of teachers
  • Online International discussion forum for teachers (course participants) to exchange experience and final projects results (e-g. lesson plans, explanatory worksheets, etc.)

Each partner will devise courses and training sessions as is most appropriate to local professional training with regard to existing frameworks and commitments.  Overall this will facilitate the implementation and testing of the materials in a variety of formats.  For example:

  • single half , one or two day training workshops, either as free standing courses or as components of initial teacher training courses or programmes of professional development such as Masters level study
  • a series of linked sessions over a period of several weeks and incorporating school-based activities by individual participants
  • online study by teachers or student teachers
  • blended courses for in-service teachers

In all cases, feedback from participating trainees/teachers will be sought in order to inform the development process.

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