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Final conferences

28.10.2011 Warsaw Poland The Final Conference ICT for IST



  • Connectivism - a new form of learning in the twenty-first century,Grażyna Gregorczyk
  • Towards more Authenticity in Physics Education enabled by a Versatile ICT Learning Environment, Vincent Dorenbos, the Netherland
  • The Challenge of Developing Innovative Science Teachers with ICT, dr Laurence Rogers, United Kingdom
  • Comparing data from mathematical models and data from real experiments, dr Hildegard Urban-Woldron, Austria
  • See – Investigate – Understand, Małgorzata Chmurska, Elżbieta Kawecka, OEIiZK, Warsaw

(Presentations available in Dissemination/Conferences)


8.10.2011 Cyprus -  The conference "Computer supported science teaching and learning" 


  • "An Approach to Modelling for Developing Understanding in Science", Invited lecture by Emeritus Professor Laurence Rogers , Loughborough Design School, Loughborough University
  • "Teachers as learners and designers of ICT-driven curriculum materials: results from the project ICT for Innovative Science Teachers", Marios Papaefripidou, Michael Livitzis, Constantinos P. Constantinou, Learning in Science Group, University of Cyprus


  • "Exploiting the potential of "Data-logging Insight" and "Coach 6" in 'Change of State' and 'Forces and Motion' contexts'" (Michalis Livitzis & Marios Papaevripidou, Learning in Science Group, University of Cyprus)
  • "Using graphs for describing motions" (Hildegard Urban-Woldron, Austrian Educational Competence Centre Physics , University of Vienna, The Kirchliche Padagogische Hochschule Wien)
  • "Electricity – Concepts and Circuits" (Laurence Rogers,Design School Loughborough, Loughborough University )
  • "Using ICT in Biology and Chemistry” (Ewa Kedzierska, CMA, The Netherlands & Ela Kawecka, Osrodek Edukacji Informatycznej i Zastosowan Komputerow, Poland)

(Presentations available in Dissemination/Conferences)

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