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Group Meetings

The participants of the project meet three times a year.

The following meetings already have taken:

Nicosia (Cyprus)


Project coordination – budget and reports. Summary of the work done – all partners.
Discussion about the external evaluation’s report and final project’s products. Review of the ICT for IST materials on Telmae and the project website. Dissemination activities.
Preparation to the local conference and workshops. Consultation on the budget and submitted reports. Presentation and analysis of the final project report form and explanations to the partner reports. Summary of the meeting.

Prague (Czech Republic)


Presentation of the Charles University in Prague. Project coordination – budget and reports. Presentation of the updated version of the modules: Chemical reactions and Diffraction.  Discussion about the structure and format of the Teacher Training Guide and case study. ICT for IST didactical materials in the database Learning Object Repository at Charles University. Online resources. Presentation of the current version of ICT for IST Pack. Dissemination activities. Project schedule / next steps.

Loughborough (United Kingdom)


Presentation of the Loughborough Univeristy. Budget and feedback of the interim report. Summary of the activities after the Vienna meeting. Presentation of new videos. Discussion about test version of the ICT for IST Pack and Teacher Training Guide. Review of teacher training courses and evaluation activities. Dissemination of the project materials. Project schedule / next steps.

Vienna (Austria)


Evaluation of the new modules. Information about preparing interim report, explanation of some problems in the partner's reports. Presentation of teacher training courses on different national platforms. Discussion about ICT for IST Pack. Discussion about dissemination. Presentation of changes made on the project website. Overview of property rights and licenses for using project materials after finishing the project (creative common licenses).

Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Explenation of some doubts in the budget. Some rules of the coordianation was repeated. There were presented short reports of partners work, review of the new modules, open lessons for students. Discussion of the project leaflet and website, evaluation instruments. Discussion about workshops during CBLIS and GIREP conferences.

Warsaw (Poland)


Introduction of participants, discussion about documents of the project and rules of the coordination. There also was disscussed budget of the project and category of the costs in detail. Presentation of different software packages, structure of the module (what is module), modification and division of work. Presentation of possible evaluation tools.


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