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The final materials illustrate the integration of different ICT methods like data-logging, modelling, video measurement, simulation for enhancing practical science emphasising investigative (constructivist) teaching methods and will focus on supporting teacher training in the use of ICT in the science teaching.


  • ICT for IST Pack – digipack containing complete set of materials
    1. A Resource Guide for Science Teachers and Trainers
    2. Twelve Modules, each focusing on a topic in biology, chemistry or physics
    3. Software Resources for performing activities
    4. Video Resources for assisting training programmes and self-study
    The pack is available on a single DVD.
  • Online version of teacher training materials
  • Videos in the internet database at Charles University
  • Didactical materials in the database Learning Object Repository at Charles University
  • Pilot courses for science teachers and teacher trainers
  • Project website


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