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ICT Tools

The main software tools serve constructional activities in science: data-logging, modelling, simulation and video measurement.





Software Tool Potential learning benefits

Sensors connected to the interface are automatically identified and calibrated by the program.

Graphical display of collected data allows axes to be easily assigned and scaled automatically.

A variety of tools are available for analysing data and for deriving new data.

Screens may be customised to the needs of particular experiments.

Intuitive methods for defining relationships between variables.

Inputs and outputs to models are linked to graphical controls and displays.

Simultaneous graphical data display during computation aids understanding.

Controlling the speed of computation assists the study of the behaviour of a model.

Animated images linked to a model assist the visualisation of the underlying mechanism.

Simulations of physical experiments are not bound by limitations normally constraining real experiments, allowing greater scope for (virtual) investigation.

Visualisation of phenomena through animated images can support motivation and engagement with the concepts involved.
 Video-measurement  Video recordings of experiments involving change or movement may be analysed to yield graphs that may be used for analytical study.
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