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Teacher training

During the development phase of the ICT for IST Project, partners employed a variety of formats for training courses with various audiences. These were:
short workshop (2-4 hours), one day workshop, few days workshop (20-30 hours), in-service training course(several one-day meetings totalling up to 60 hours), blended learning course, online course, open lessons for students, conference workshop. Training participants were: in-service teachers, teacher trainers, pre-service teachers, students.
The aim of the pilot courses was testing the ICT for IST materials and promote the constructionist style of teaching.

The pilot courses offered teachers the following experiences:
1. An introductory session which sets out a vision of learning opportunities with ICT
and gives explanations and demonstrations of course activities
2. Teachers were provided with software, hardware and curriculum materials
for performing activities
3. Teachers tried the activities themselves and practiced using them in real
lessons with pupils
4. Teachers had ongoing access to technical and tutorial support
5. Teachers reported back and shared experiences with other teachers (evaluation)

An accurate description of the teacher training courses can be found in
‘A Resource for Science Teachers and Teacher Trainers’.

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