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About the project

The ICT for Innovative Science Teachers (ICT for IST) project was build upon the project IT for US (Information Technology for Understanding Science - 119001-CP-1-2004-1-PL-Comenius-C21) which resulting materials were ideally placed to fulfill this need; they were directed at teachers and teacher trainers and explicitly offer support to help teachers develop their skills in using ICT in their teaching.

The ICT for IST project aims to broaden the scope of application of the ‘IT for US' training pack with the view to increasing the international transfer of the teacher training agenda contained therein. It proposed to extend the teaching modules, to develop more ideas for implementation strategies, to increase the flexible use of existing modules across different software systems.
The results of the ICT for IST offer new approaches to teacher training supported by the instructional material, online resources and demonstration videos for use on courses for teachers.

The short term impact of the project was on the local level as partners try out the developed materials during the teacher training courses in their countries. The long term impact will be achieved via offering the resources on-line to a wider audience of science teachers and teacher trainers.



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