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OEIiZK - Coordinator


Centre for Informatics and Technology in Education (OEIiZK) in Warsaw is in-service teachers training institution specialized in computer science and ICT. It provides support for teachers in their professional development as far as computer skills and didactic applications of information technology are concerned. OEIiZK organizes a lot of ICT and computer science courses for teachers (more than 50 different types of courses, more than 7500 teachers trained per year).

OEIiZK is a public institution for teachers' improvement managed by the Mazovian Province Local Government. Our Centre has an accreditation of the Mazovian School Superintendent, the ISO 9001:2000 certificate, and it has been awarded the emblem of the program "Investor in human capital" (“Inwestor w kapitał ludzki”) three times.

OEIiZK co-operates with researchers from universities who work on topics of mutual interest and constantly get feedback from schools and teachers. Since the beginning in 1991 OEIiZK has always been in the centre of events which were essential for computer assisted education and educational applications of information technology. The Centre is the leading organisation in Poland in this area.
Teacher training activities are based on creative work, which covers introducing, developing and implementing new: teaching methods, syllabi, didactic aids, methodology publications, computer based tools for learning and teaching.
The staff consists of more than twenty highly qualified specialists. They are professionals in computer assisted education. Success in teacher training which is constantly reported is based on their research, completed and implemented projects and publications. Their goal is to transform the quality of learning and teaching.


People involved:

Elżbieta Kawecka - Coordinator

Grażyna Gregorczyk

Anna Grzybowska

Małgorzata Chmurska

Małgorzata Witecka



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