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AMSTEL Institute


AMSTEL Institute was the research and development institute of the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam for Science, Technology and Mathematics Education.
AMSTEL Institute of Universiteit van Amsterdam stopped its participation in the ICT for IST project at the end of February 2011. The Foundation C.M.A replaced AMSTEL.

The AMSTEL Institute has a strong research and development program in the field of educational ICT applications. The staff of approximately 45 people forms a unique multi-disciplinary team of hard- and software experts, educational specialists, teacher trainers and researchers. The projects currently undertaken reflect the wide range of the expertise: from elementary school to university level, from Mathematics (computer algebra, graph theory, logic), Chemistry (micro scale laboratory) to Technology (Control Technology). The research program embraces various aspects of science education both at secondary schools and at universities. The AMSTEL institute - is active in research, development and marketing of teaching materials, hardware and software for Education in the area of measurement and control with the computer in the Science and Technology. Internationally the work of AMSTEL Institute is widely recognized. The educational software developed by the AMSTEL Institute, Coach, has been translated in many languages and is used in a number of countries world-wide.


Ton Ellermeijer, Scientific Director of AMSTEL Institute, directed many national and European projects in Science Education, most of them with high ICT content. Dr Ellermeijer is a recipient of the Minnaert Award (1999), the award of the Dutch Physics Education Association for people with special service to Physics Teaching and ICPE Medal 2009 for his important contributions to physics education over the past few years and their subsequent international impact.

People involved:

Ton Ellermeijer

Ewa Kędzierska

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