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University of Cyprus


The University of Cyprus was established in 1989. The Department of Educational Sciences is a large department with 25 members of the faculty, and 35 associate or assistant personnel. The Learning in Science Group at the University of Cyprus conducts a co-ordinated program of research, curriculum development and instruction and is directed by Dr. C. P. Constantinou. The group is currently engaged in three major projects:  preparation of future teachers to teach science and technology as socially relevant processes of inquiry; developing support and motivation mechanisms for achieving improvement of student learning in science; and the integration of information and communication tools in innovative learning environments. The Group is represented in the Working Group D: Increasing Participation in Mathematics, Science and Technology (DG Education and Culture) and also in the High Level Expert Group on Increasing Human Resources for Science and Technology in Europe (DG Research). As a Group we have had a longstanding involvement in research projects funded at European and local level and we have an established expertise in University-school-educational authority partnerships. Some of the products of our work are widely used in the educational system on a national scale.

People involved:

Costas Constantinou

Marios Papaevripidou

Christakis Avraam

Andrie Alkiviadou

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