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Charles University in Prague

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The Faculty of Mathematics and Physics was established in 1952.  It educates physicists, mathematicians and information and programming specialists and also mathematics, physics and informatics teachers for all types of schools, including vocational schools, at various levels of study (Bachelors and Masters). Educational specialists from 3 departments of education are involved in the development of educational software, learning objects, supportive environments and creative learning communities for science teachers at all levels. They actively participated in "State information policy in Education" programme and were responsible for Physics, Mathematics and ICT part of this large governmental programme. The Faculty offers more the 25 accredited courses for in-service teachers' professional development and lifelong training.  Postgraduate (doctoral) study concentrates on Innovative and Interdisciplinary approach and using new technologies in physics/math/informatics education.

People involved:

Zdenka Lustigova

Lucie Filipenska

Zdenek Maruna

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