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Over a period of 20 years CMA (the Centre for Microcomputer Applications) has been developing Coach – a versatile Learning and Authoring software for Science and Technology Education. It is designed according to the concept of an open learning environment. It offers scientific tools to investigate science and support inquiry-led approach to learning.

The latest development based on this concept has produced the Coach 6 environment – an activity based software, which integrates tools for data logging, control, video measurement, modelling and data processing and offers a multimedia environment with text, pictures, video clips, animations and internet links.

Coach 6 Author

Coach 6 is organized in projects filled with activities. An activity is an individual exercise that a student can perform.

Measurements activities are used to collect data from sensors e.g. for temperature, light intensity, sound level, pH, etc. (with voltage output) and to display, analyze and process the measurement results.

Data Video Activities are used to make measurements on digital video clips or digital images. In these activities it is possible to analyze motion of real objects and events which happen outside the classroom.

Modelling Activities enable a student to use or create numerical models of continuous changing systems. Coach offers three modes of constructing and viewing models – Graphical, Equation and Text modes.

Coach as an authoring environment gives opportunities to create multimediaactivities, labs, or curriculum materials for students using the authoring features.

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