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Remote Laboratory

Remote laboratory - On-line laboratory

Remote laboratories allow users to perform experiments and laboratory tasks over the Internet without being near the experimental equipment.
In a traditional hands-on laboratory, the user interacts directly with the equipment by performing physical actions (e.g. manipulating with the hands, pressing buttons, turning knobs) and receives visual, audio and/or tactile feedback.
In a remote laboratory, this same interaction takes place at a distance with the assistance of the computer and remote infrastructure, that allows
1/ the experiment apparatus to be observed, monitored and operated,
2/ data to be collected, processed, stored and downloaded.
It also ensures that the experiment is 'cleaned up' at the end of a user's session, the apparatus automatically resseted or put into a stable state.
Remote laboratories are not often accompanied by plenty of teacher and learner materials, lesson plans, lab worksheets, etc. Up to now, they are not frequently used at secondary school level due to different practical and methodological obstacles. We hope our module Diffraction will help teachers and students to effectively use them.

Remote laboratory experiment

Full description of the experiment

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