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Free Software

We also recommend using free software like:


Modellus is a software which enables students to use mathematics to create interactively models and to built based on these models simulations. Creating and exploring mathematical models is a fundamental task in science. With Modellus, students can experience minds-on learning while creating, simulating, and analysing mathematical models interactively on the computer.
Modellus can be used as an exploratory or authoring environment. Models can be hidden and/or protected. Modellus comes with pre-constructed interactive models that illustrate many scientific concepts.

A selection of models with accompanying curriculum notes were developed for Modellus in the IT for US Project, and these materials continue to be available at the IT for US website.  Modellus is available for free download from modellus.fct.unl.pt.

Modellus brochure


Developed and marketed by Ventana Systems Inc., Vensim software provides an environment for developing and analyzing dynamic feedback models.  Models are constructed graphically or in a text editor. Features include dynamic functions, subscripting (arrays), Monte Carlo sensitivity analysis, optimization, data handling and application interfaces. 
Vensim software is available from


Developed by Douglas Brown at Cabrillo College, California, Tracker is a software tool for analysing video sequences of experiments involving motion.  Video files created by webcams and camcorders may be imported into the program and then analysed to yield data for velocity and acceleration which may be presented in the form of graphs and tables.  The program requires the pre-installation of the Java software system which is freely available on the Internet.
Tracker is available for free download at www.cabrillo.edu/~dbrown/tracker/


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